About Grissom Middle School

GRISSOM MIDDLE SCHOOL, 13881 Kern Road, Mishawaka, IN 46544

574/633-4061 Fax: 574/633-2134

Nathan Boydprincipal

Lavon Dean-Null, assistant principal

Chris Grossnickle, assistant to the principal

Cindy Glon,secretary      Karen Barcome, treasurer


Grissom Middle School was built in 1968 and serves students from Elm Road, Madison, Moran and Meadow’s Edge Elementary schools.  Over the years, Grissom has become a center for community activity utilizing a state-of-the-art facility remodeled in 2000 and 2001.


Grades 6, 7, 8

Enrollment 2013-2014: 610

Teachers: 36

Teacher aides:  6

Program assistants:  9

Classrooms:  45

School day:  9:05 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Special Facilities

Four Computer labs

Instructional Materials Center

Television studio

Field house with track

Industrial technology lab

Family/Consumer Science lab

Weathernet weather station

Academic Programs

Grissom offers a unique instructional program that provides for the interdisciplinary teaming of teachers.  Instruction is provided in the fine arts/practical arts areas as well as in physical education and health.  Band, choir and orchestra experiences are available for all students.  A school-wide enrichment program and an academic competition program provide the opportunity for students to challenge themselves.   An inclusion program addresses students with special learning needs.  A program of focused instruction assures achievement for all students. A National Junior Honor Society chartered in the fall of 2004 recognizes students who have excelled academically.


ISTEP+ spring 2013 results­­­­–Percent of students passing ISTEP+

                              English/Language Arts           Math          Science     Social Studies

Grade 6                            81                               91                 78

Grade 7                            82                               90                                     80            

Grade 8                            88                               94

Parent Involvement

Grissom has a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) which provides strong support to the school and students.  Many volunteer hours are logged by members to assist in activities and special projects.  The funds raised by the PTA are distributed to benefit all students at Grissom.

Honors and Achievements

Grissom Middle School was named a 2011-2012 Indiana Four Star School. Students have received numerous awards in academic, music and athletic competitions.  Grissom was named an Indiana Blue Ribbon School in 1995.  Since 1997, the sixth grade News Bowl team has placed first or second in the state.  In 1999, all three grades were News Bowl state champions and the 6th grade was the national champion.  In 2003, sixth and eighth grade News Bowl teams were state champions and the sixth grade team was the national champion. In 2005, all three grades were state champions and the sixth grade team repeated with the national title.


Academic competitions program

Accelerated Reading program

After school intramural program

Athletic teams

Student mentor program with Meadow's Edge and Elm Road Elementary Schools

Annual coffee house which showcases fine arts

Five Star after-school program

Home base advisory program

Circle the State with Song

Performing Fine Arts (band, orchestra, chorus and pep band)

Student Council

Mission Statement

The Grissom Middle School staff and community are committed to inspiring students to reach their potential by encouraging academic achievement, fostering the development of a positive self-concept, promoting life-long learning, and nurturing the development of productive and responsible citizens who can adapt to an ever-changing world.

Grissom students will attend Penn High School.

Colors:             Red and white                  Mascot:         Guardsmen