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ISTEP Rescore Window Now Open

We have been out of school for a little over two weeks, I am certain you are enjoying spending time with your child(ren), the warm sun and hopefully the iconic summer smell of hot dogs on the grill.


As you may know, you would’ve received an ISTEP access code in your child’s report card, those scores are now available. As I’ve reviewed results of our Grissom children there is a lot to be thankful for. If you haven’t already, using the access code provided, you have the power to view and if needed, request a rescore from the state (please know there is no danger in requesting re-scores, it can only result in positive outcomes).


Rescore window is only open until July 7th. If you’d like assistance in completing this process, the Grissom computer lab will be open from 4pm-6pm on June 29th for any and all parents that wish to have their child’s assessment rescored.


Items needed:

  1. Parent ISTEP Access Code

  2. 10-15 Minute Time Frame

  3. Access to Email Account