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Grissom Middle School Celebrates College GO! Week

Teachers Answer What college they went to

As part of the annual statewide College GO! Week, Grissom Middle School has taken their commitment to promoting higher education to new heights. With a dedicated team of students and counselors, the school has been actively participating in this event by creating daily features for WGMS, along with hosting engaging activities and giveaways to inspire students to pursue a college education.


Each day during College GO! Week, the WGMS morning show has been the talk of the school. The talented student crew has been diligently producing informative and entertaining segments about the benefits of attending college. These segments cover a wide range of topics, from highlighting area schools to asking what colleges staff members attended to asking fellow students what their dream college is, the goal is to show how attainable college success is.




But the excitement doesn't stop with the morning show. Grissom's dedicated counselors have been hard at work as well. They've been conducting special lessons in advisory classes focused on what students need to know about college. These lessons are designed to empower students with the knowledge and tools they need to pursue higher education successfully.


Grissom Counselors and Principal


As College GO! Week continues, the students and staff at Grissom Middle School are excited to see the positive impact their efforts will have on inspiring a new generation of college-bound individuals. 

For more updates and highlights from Grissom Middle School's College GO! Week celebrations, be sure to tune in to WGMS's morning show!


students holding Grissom Swag