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8th grade winners of logo contest announced

Winning logo design by Jason Juarez

Eighth grader Jason Juarez learned today that his design won 1st place in a logo design project developed by Grissom Art Teacher Ms. Elizabeth Marshall and local advertising/design firm, Pathfinders.


Ms. Marshall’s goal with this project was to help her art students see first-hand what it’s like to work on a graphics design project. She worked with Pathfinders’ Associate Creative Director James Jursinic to develop a logo/brandmark development project for the students. The students had seven weeks to create two concept sketches (one black & white, the other color) for a logo/brandmark for the fictitious company “FLEEK Footwear.” The students had deliverables to meet throughout the timeline of the project with Ms. Marshall and Mr. Jursinic giving feedback at each milestone. The project was designed to give students exposure in art direction, creative direction, graphic design, project management, time management and client relations.


​Esmeralda Morales Magallanes’ design seen below was chosen as Runner Up.

Esmeralda Magallanes design


Pathfinders’ Associate Creative Director James Jursinic said of the student designs “I’m really impressed by the effort your students put into this project and how talented they are. … Each student had logos that had unique characteristics, style, and panache. ... Jason Juarez’s logo was a standout. His use of negative space and the cleanliness of his design followed many of the rules of good logo design and had a clear vision that I believe would resonate well with the target audience.”


This was a great real life learning experience for all the students. Back in March, they also got to tour Pathfinders’ offices in Mishawaka. Click to see pictures of that class visit.