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What is Student Council?

Student Council is a fun place where the students can come together, grow as leaders, and plan for Grissom’s spirit days and socials. The students are able to plan what they want and they know what other students would want to do.

    Student Council is a way to build leaders and respect authorities. These students will then be able to set an example to those in their classes. Student Council also teaches students how to communicate with others. In the meetings, kids express their ideas through talking to others and our staff advisors, Mr.Simpson and Mrs. Jensen. In order for the classes to know when school events are (and why they are happening), the representatives and the alternates tell their first hour class what is coming up and how to do the events.


Upcoming events:


Sep. 11th -6th grade ONLY Social  4-5:30               

Dec. 4th - All School Social 4-5:30  

Feb. 5th - All School Social  4-5:30  

April. 15th LIPSYNC social 4-5:30   Lip Sync Contest

May. 20 - (8th Grade Dance) 6-8:00



Student Led Conference Support - October

Spirit Week - Oct

Food Drive - Nov

Carnation Sale Fundraiser - Feb

Coffee House - Spring

Silver Mile - Spring


No one else can lead this bunch of kids but our trusty leaders:

          President: Isabella Atkinson  

Vice President: Addy Kois

          Secretary: Anna Madlem

Treasurer: Grace Selis

Sergeant of Arms: Maria Wood-McComish

Sergeant of Arms: Zyshawn Ward